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Spruce Tree Transplant

Contractor planted a Spruce  tree to close to the house. Customer wanted it removed, but it was too pretty so we dug it up, ball and burlaped it and moved further away. Its been two years since we moved it and it is still thriving.

Tree Transplanting

Mayor's Christmas Tree

1700 pound Norway Spruce planted for the Mayor's Christmas Tree in Independence Missouri.

Mayor's Christmas Tree Installation

New Construction Retaining Wall

Reinforced timberwood retaining wall with sandstone accent cap. Landscaping yet to come.

New Construction Retaining Walls

Decrative Hill Side

This project is in a maintenance provided community, but the mowers would always rut up the hill side and in front of the windows. We installed a paver patio for sitting and naturistic hill side for bird watching.

Bird watching landscape

Box Drain Landscaping

Hid an ugly concrete box drain with a berm and a dry river bed in the middle so the drain is still fully operational.

Decorative Backyard Drainage

Sandstone Straight to Curved Wall

Sandstone Retaining wall with landscape yet to come. Will be on the 2023 Spring Homes Tour.

Curved Retaining Wall

Recent Landscaping

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